A Family Membership is a great investment in your child's music education

Teachers report that after one year of playing the learning games that they assign, their students are 3 to 5 months ahead of where they were before
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Success is the best motivator

Higher levels of sight-reading skill
Higher scores on student performance evaluations and music theory tests
Speeds the progress of study in all instruments and voice
Includes access for up to 5 family members
Students have access to all levels and all games
Parents and students can monitor progress and scores
High score boards for Challenge games display the top twenty scorers in the world
Learning the language of music
Learning the language of music is a step-by-step process similar to learning math…one skill builds on another. Both math and music take practice and repetition to gain mastery. Learning music through games has proven to be very effective.
They're having fun…You know they're learning
On this website, students have access to literally hundreds of colorful, interactive music games – from beginning through intermediate levels – that speed them on their way to becoming Lifetime Musicians. Our goal is to help students master the music reading and aural skills they need to achieve satisfaction and success in increasing levels of music performance and creativity.

Did you know... ?

Higher SAT Scores

Students who study music score higher on the verbal and math portions of SAT than students with no course work or experience in the arts.

Engineers and IT

The very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians.

Enhances spatial-temporal reasoning

Two research projects have found that music training--specifically piano instruction--can dramatically enhance children's spatial-temporal reasoning skills, the skills crucial for greater success in subjects like math and science.