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Frequently Asked Questions

This site has been successfully tested in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and is best viewed in 1024 x 728 screen resolution in Mozilla Firefox (800 x 600 minimum--see below)

Once loaded, the games and activities work perfectly with any connection, even including dial-up Internet connection. However, we recommend a broadband high-speed connection (DSL or cable modem) for maximum enjoyment of the site!

Q. I have a dial-up modem connection. When I click on a game, I see a gray frame-like graphic, but no game.
A. If you are accessing the Web through a dial-up modem, some of the games will take from a few seconds up to a minute to load--depending on the speed of your dial-up. The good news is that once the game is loaded, it should play with no further delays or hang-ups.

Q. My screen resolution is 800 x 600. Part of the game is cut off.
A. Find the "view" dropdown menu in your browser. Click on "Full Screen." This will close the top tool bars and you should be able to see the entire game screen. To restore your tool bars, click the double picture button next to the X in the top right corner of your screen.

Q. What version of Flash do I need to play the games?
A. You will need the free Adobe Flash Player 11.0 or higher to participate in this site.

Q. Which version of Adobe Acrobat Reader do I need to download the printable teaching materials? A. To download the printable teaching materials, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version X or higher.

Q. Some of the text is cut off A. Internet Explorer and Firefox users: if the text doesn't seem to fit in the text box, please click View at the top of your screen, then click Text Size. Setting your text size to "medium" (in IE) or clicking the "decrease" button (in Firefox) should fix the problem.

Q. What is MusicLearningCommunity? A. MusicLearningCommunity.com is an animated, multimedia, interactive music theory and ear training tool that is self-correcting, fosters independent learning and is available anytime, anywhere. When you look beyond the "games" you will see some serious learning going on!

Q. With which computers, tablets and phones does MusicLearningCommunity.com work? A. You can access the website, play the games and work with all of the teacher tools on any computer (PC and Mac) with any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari). The website also works with any Android tablet or SmartPhone that has the Flash Player—including the Kindle Fire! IPad owners can access the entire website—even though the iPad doesn't have the Flash Player—by downloading an alternative browser called "iSwifter" from the App Store.

Q. Can I see my student's scores and progress? A. Yes! When students play a game to the end at the studio or at home, their scores are automatically submitted into the teacher's confidential score report. This can be accessed from the Teacher Resource Center—log in with your teacher user name and password.

Q. What age groups does MusicLearningCommunity support? A. The learning games are designed for students in pre-school through piano performance level 6. We also have many adult beginners who aren't afraid to "be a kid again" and are having tremendous success learning with our games.

Q. What do you mean by multimedia and interactive? A. The learning games include animation, graphics, music and sound effects to stimulate learning and to accommodate all learning styles.

Q. Which learning methods and curricula do your games support? A. Our learning games support all teaching methods and state and national standards. We are always sequencing new methods, state achievement evaluations, and curricula. If you have a curriculum you think we should add, please email us.

Q. Do you have any lesson planning tools? A. Yes. We have pre-designed lesson sequences for all music teaching situations. There are lesson plans that match the concepts taught in each of the major piano methods – unit by unit. We are in the process of sequencing the games for the various MTNA state achievement programs and the Carnegie Hall – Royal Conservatory of Music "The Achievement Program," (TAP). The "Lifetime Musician" curriculum is the standard sequence for all instruments and for general music in schools. To view and print these sequences, log in with your teacher username and password and scroll down the list of printable teacher tools.

Q. How much does it cost? A. There are several plans available starting at $9.95 per month. Click here for a free trial.

Q. I am an independent music teacher. How can my membership pay for itself? A. We encourage teacher members to pass the cost of this service on to their students as if purchasing a theory book or as a nominal technology fee. If you have 10 students, and you charge each student $2 per month, that would cover the cost of a $19.95 plan.

Q. This is awesome, how do I sign up? A. To subscribe click here.

Q. Do I have to download and install software onto my computer? A. No, MusicLearningCommunity is 100% online and it is available around the world 24/7.
You may need to download the free plug-in Flash Player at www.adobe.com if you have a new Mac computer.

Q. How do I change my teacher username and password? A. To change your teacher username and password, email us your desired username and password and we'll change your master account.

Q. How do I set up student usernames and passwords? A. Click, "Member Login," and enter your username and password. This will open the Teacher Resource Center. Click "Manage Student Users." This takes you to your Student Roster. This is where you can create usernames and passwords for each of your students. Tip: Create a student username for yourself so you can see what your students see! Please click here for more instruction.

Q. How do I help students stay engaged? A. You can help motivate students by making regular lesson assignments and following up on their scores and progress. Many teachers offer contests and incentives that not only encourage the students to achieve target scores, but also serve to energize the whole studio. Click here for some ideas.

Q. How do we keep the parents in the loop? A. It is important to train parents as to the benefits of regularly playing the music learning games. Our members have reported that when students play the games for a school year, their musicianship and performance level advances by an extra three to five months.

Q. How do I manage student users? A. Log in with your teacher username and password. Click "Manage Student Users" on the left side of the screen. On this screen, you may add or remove students from the system.

Q. How do I see my student's scores? A. Log in with your teacher username and password. Click "Score Report" on the left side of the screen. Enter the date range of the desired scores. Click "View Scores" to generate your custom score report.