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Experimenting: A Golden Path to Discovery - by Mary Gae George *
"Experimenting as a way of learning develops artistic judgment and personal involvement better than many weeks of being coached by a teacher on how to play a passage of music. It takes imagination to experiment. It takes judgment to make decisions about the potential of each and every experiment."

The Magic of Productive Practicing - by Mary Gae George *
"Home practice time is the most important part of music study. Students become their own teachers during this time, and their progress and enjoyment is directly related to the quality and consistency of their practicing."

Teaching with Freshness
"See each student for his or her POTENTIAL, not for their present playing level"

Essential Skills Series - American Music Teacher 2005
"for Promoting a Lifelong Love of Music and Music Making"

The 'Building Blocks' of Reading - by Laura Beauchamp-Williamson *
"Suggestions for Developing Sight Reading Skills in Beginning Level College Piano Classes."Applies to piano students of all ages.

American Music Teacher articles online - complete articles from December 2001 to the current issue. Disregard the flashing advertising and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Keyboard Companion Online - 1998 through 2005
Many of these articles were written by members

Sight Reading - by Richard Beauchamp
"Sight reading is really a matter of recognizing what you already know."

Motivation - by Martha Beth Lewis, Ph.D.
"Empowerment is the key to motivation."


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