Who We Are

MusicLearning is a remarkable playground of musical games intertwined with traditional theory and ear training concepts--
a breakthrough Internet website carefully designed by
Christine Hermanson,
a leading expert in music and computer-based learning.
is a great place to visit

Solid pedagogy … wrapped
in computer games!

Imagine your students getting excited about identifying intervals … or fearlessly matching rhythmic phrases … or easily mirroring melodic phrases.

At students zap key names as key signature asteroids fly by their space module. They rush to click on rhythm symbols before a rhythmic meteor crashes to the ground. And they click to identify intervals floating under the sea as tropical fish swim across the screen.

When students play these and other extraordinary games on this website, they fall naturally into the learning process. And they’re often so absorbed in “playing” that students don’t even realize they’re learning—discovering solid music concepts that are transforming them into Lifetime Musicians.

Parents are thrilled to have their children spending time online working on their music skills instead of mindlessly surfing the Web. They can see their child’s joy in playing the games, and they’ll observe solid progress as their child moves through the carefully planned curriculum.

Plus many parents have discovered that friends who don’t even take music lessons often stop by to “help” their children play music games on our website. Learning … It’s hard to stop when it’s exciting and fun. was carefully designed to enhance your current teaching curriculum.

Whether you teach private or group lessons—instrumental or voice—this innovative website will become an indispensable learning tool.

It’s an assignment that your students will happily complete in your studio music lab or in their own homes—or even when they’re staying over at a friend’s house or on vacation. All they need is a computer with Internet access.

The pedagogy behind is solid and focuses on developing the complex thought processes required to become a true musician.

Teachers appreciate the carefully planned sequencing of musical skills where students:

• Increase their knowledge of basic theory
• Develop aural skills
• Gain confidence in their music abilities
• Refine sight-reading capacity
• Increase their love of music

As students play the games, they’re reinforcing the music skills you’ve taught them. And they might even jump ahead to explore higher levels. Which is fine, because the games lead them through each concept as they play.

So for you, the teacher, that means a more focused lesson time, more rapid improvement in a student’s skill level, lower dropout rates and … most of all … the development of Lifetime Musicians!

We are an international community of professional music instructors dedicated to providing our musicians-in-training
with exceptional sequential instruction,
guiding them into a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


"A tremendous hit! You have captured such a refreshing and wholesome tone to these games and learning activities. They are a delight to the eye, the sounds are splendid,
the pedagogy is excellent, three cheers – and then some!!"

- Mary Gae George, NCTM
author of Artistry at the Piano

"… once people play these games, they're HOOKED! And knowing that teachers will be able to cross-reference the games with their method of choice makes them tremendously appealing."

- Michelle Gordon, NCTM,
independent piano teacher

Our Mission

To provide exceptional multimedia music instruction
in a fun and exciting learning environment
that inspires active participation,
promotes the lifelong enjoyment of music
and transforms students into Lifetime Musicians.